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Shaheen Sehbai resigns over 'media hypocrisy'

Shaheen Sehbai resigns over 'media hypocrisy'

By Sumeera Riaz

Resignation of the Group Editor of The News Shaheen Sehbai has caused massive uproar in media circles as he blames the Group for politically tilted journalism. In his resignation letter, Mr Sehbai has stated that he can no longer sustain the moral and ethical pressure as Group Editor, justifying decisions which were not taken by him but which have caused immense damage to the credibility and financial stability of the newspaper.

Without indulging into details concerning his resignation, Mr Sehbai says he finds the policies of the newspaper lop-sided, heavily tilted politically and unnecessarily engaged in a dangerous conflict with national institutions, especially at a time when the country is at war with terrorists.

Expressing his reservations over the policies of the newspaper, Mr Sehbai notes that in formulating and implementing these self-defeating policies the views and suggestions of professional editors, at all levels, including himself, have been consistently ignored.

These shocking details of a media in Pakistan amount creating unrest among various state institutions. It also does not fail to highlight the fact that Pakistani media is at a very nascent stage. While performing professional duties, the pendulum is tilting towards hypocrisy and lie and the media in general is both part of the problem and part of the solution. May be in ten years from now, it becomes part of the solution.  


Last modified onSaturday, 30 April 2016 22:16

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