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Intra-party polls: PTI CEC resigns

Intra-party polls: PTI CEC resigns

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: The deadlock between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan and party chief election commissioner on intra-party elections saw the later resigning from the office on Saturday.

The party had hinted at holding elections in May but apparently it does not seem possible in the current circumstances. In this regard, Imran has convened a meeting of senior leadership.

Confirming the development, sources said Tasneem Noorani had been demanding that “every single office of the party should be elected”.

Noorani was of the view that the party should go for “genuine intra-party”, terming nomination of office bearers an undemocratic approach.

On the other hand, Imran held the view that “only one seat of every tier should be elected and the rest of office bearers should be nominated”.

“The deadlock emerged three months ago and several efforts to address the issue failed,” a senior party official said, adding that a meeting between Noorani and Imran on Friday also did not yield any positive outcome.

It was because of the deadlock that the party had not been able to define organisational structure for the intra-party elections.

The PTI chief also devised a seven-member committee to come up with a plan but the committee had been delaying the crucial decision.

The PTI has reportedly decided to appoint Senator Nouman Wazir as acting election commissioner for the polls.

Meanwhile, members of the central election commission as well as ECs of Punjab and Sindh have also stepped down from their positions over alleged difference with the party.


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