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Sadia Widad-Ruma another victum of Rape will she get Justice

Sadia Widad-Ruma another victum of Rape will she get Justice

Sadia Widad


On 28thSeptember night around 12:30, saw a news tracker


She asked me I don’t want to merry I want  to get midwifery training  so that I could spent independent life, but we don’t know that her life would be victim of Rape and took her life told  Hidayet Mashi wiping his tears. He is Father of 23years old Ruma Miryem.

Ruma Miryem who was Raped 28th of September 2014 in Rawalpindi by Suhail , Jaqoub  and 3 other men and died because of internal Rapture in Bilal Hospital Rawalpindi.

Ruma Miryem was youngest among 6 sisters belongs to very poor Christen family of Chak 38DB Khushaband her father hardly afford her admission fee at Midwifery school. Her father Hidayet Mashi sends her to fulfil her dream. To pay her Hostel  and living expenses  her Brother in Law Mr.Nasir asked who is also from Chak 38DB Khushab  and running a Patient care center here in Rawalpindi which provides medical care at doorstep , so  Suhail Promised that he would give her one week training and then she could earn weekly 2 thousand which give her some pecuniary  relief but that’s not what happened she was  trapped by suhail and asked her to come to his office for training and after two hours he called her brother in law that Ruma came to our office and she was bleeding so we took her to hospital and she is not fine come as soon as possible she might not survive and after 2 hours he called Nasir again that she died.

According to hospital sources she was bleeding heavily that showed form inside.

SHO   Police Station Statalite town Ijaz Shah told that they captured both Suahil Mashi & Jacob Williem (Unlce & Nephew )  FIR registered under 302, 109 act  but waiting for DNA which is long process and it might take 6 to 8 months as only one

Department which issued this report and its look after all over Punjab, and we are bound to wait for the report because after this hideous act Suhail Mashi

Accused  that Ruma was characterless and was pregnant with 2 months ,while undergoing DNC her uterus damaged and  heavy bleeding let her to death our only crime was to took her to hospital and put my name in hospital admission form as her husband because we want to save her life.

Ruma Maryam’s Father said that we are very poor but still buoyant that if police will follow the law and no one tried to get influence them his Daughter will receive Justice.



Sadia Widad is a  radio journalist who has worked in development media sector as a media trainer and mentor. She tweets as @swidad (

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