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Dr.Rakhshinda Perveen-Pakistan, Journalists, Risks & blah blah

Dr.Rakhshinda Perveen-Pakistan, Journalists, Risks & blah blah

A former TV anchor& Producer and first woman anchor for live morning transmissions on current affairs from state owned TV in late 90’S. She is the founding Executive Director of a national NGO SACHET Pakistan and founder of virtual spaced based consulting & advocacy organization creativeangerbyrakhshi. She tweets @survivorwins


Over the years with the measured replacement of unembarrassed dictatorship with rather restricted democracy the state of affairs appear to be improved at selective places in selective areas and for selective populations.

However, militancy, military, mullah and minority issues virtually remain no go areas not only for the “renowned” human rights defenders (who fail to roar on such issues) but also for the much celebrated “fair and free electronic and print media “in the land of the pure. While well paid TV anchors are enjoying popularity among masses, status among classes by promoting advocacy journalism and digression, the NEWS keep on to evaporate.

There is no due attention in the mainstream media on the plight of people  of Tirah valley, agony of Swat residents, miseries and traumas of residents of  Jallozai camp or missing Baluch or Shias Hazara and so on and so forth.

The records of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in violating human rights though not clandestine are not unfastened too unflinchingly by those who should; with the exception of few individuals and institutions who have still an intact sense of right and wrong.

Frightened by the deafening silence on these issues which are not “newsworthy” and frustrated by the donors fund project syndrome in January 2013 chagha-the voice a first ever e- newsletter focusing on FATA & KP (Pakistan) in the context of militancy a Non funded product of passion- was produced by sinf surat -faces of gender a non elitist think tank founded by me in 2009.

Mr.Kahar Zalmay a young fearless journalist, peace activist and human rights activist was the editor of Chagha. With his Pashtoon contacts we got thank our volunteer correspondents and contacts who provided us with valuable information & NEWS. We put it on face book and my official website. We could not continue it after 3 issues not because we ran out of zeal but we decided that our security is more relevant for obvious reasons. For the same reason Mr.Zalmay was compelled to distance himself from this project though we are still keeping a low profile presence of chagha-the voice on face book.

For those of us who were told and taught that journalism means “truth telling” the physical and breathing space in the media has literally shrunk.

A very small number of journalists and media practitioners are still sticking to the principled journalism, take the toil and trouble of investigation and are ready to pay the price too. These are mostly self made and non influential   in a society and the state that respects only power and ill gotten wealth. Here salaried class like factory workers, teachers, health workers, police, doctors etc. either do n t get salaries or it is too low besides being mistreated by the Govts. and attacked by the terrorists ( oops right now they are in Punjab house holding peace talks so they are my superiors/masters/saiin).

According to a write up posted on cyberspace on 21 March 2014, Ms. Kati Marton, an author of eight books, is a board member and former chair of the Committee to Protect Journalists, reported from Islamabad, in the context of Press Freedom, that the Prime Minister Sharif, however, understands that his country is desperately in need of good news, and this week he delivered some.

While praying that her analysis is correct any nondiplomatic and honest individual cannot experience selective amnesia and would definitely recall coldness of the successive governments on issues of fair and ethical journalism.

George Orwell’s philosophy that  Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations is considered apt for quoting in any academic session with young students or post dinner repartee when drawing room media professionals, politicians  and activists are high ,but  certainly not for practicing.


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