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Shakeel Haider-Baloch Long march …a fresh example of non-violent struggle

Shakeel Haider-Baloch Long march …a fresh example of non-violent struggle

In Pakistan, astonishingly some people are still determined to non-violent struggle for their cause. Though some ultra-Patriot are still blaming them for blood shed but they are shedding their own blood and sweat by walking in a long march from Quetta to Islamabad. This is the long march for the recovery of missing Baloch person which is very close to Islamabad after covering almost 2500 km in its second phase. This long marchled by Brave old man Mama Qadeer comprising of almost 20 people including children and women left from Quetta to Karachi in the last week of October 2013.

International voice for Baloch Missing persons (IVBMP) which is formed by the family members of some of the missing persons has pleaded its case in courts as well as to common people through this non-violent way. Vice Chairman IVBMP Mama Qadeer is leading this long march untiringly but with bleeding feet and ruptured heart. He is actually very sad on the response of main political parties who didn’t bothered to welcome this long march .Nationalist parties, human rights activists and other sections of society who feel this issue really gruesome have welcomed the participants of long march open heartedly from Quetta till Lahore and so on.

Its universal truth that key to success of non-violent approaches is the willingness of the groups to build their confrontation on openly supported just doctrines. Similarly they employ a communiqué policy which highlights to all the world the wicked and vicious conduct of their opponent. In the present history of Pakistan, no doubt credit goes to families of missing persons of Baluchistan that they openly pursued legal ways of their struggle. As far as their media coverage is concerned, they are really neglected by our main stream media coverage specially 24 hour News channels. International media however, played better role than domestic media. This shows the clear pressure by Security agencies which are afraid from realities and truths to come out. Similarly, the response from Punjabi speaking areas in Punjab towards long march is dis hearting for me. There was no warm welcoming to weak and tired people after they crossed Khanewal district .Even some of the Loyals to the state threatened them to go back as they are the only threat to State of Pakistan. Thatall shows a clear indifference from the problems of our fellow countrymen and sense of alienation.

Oppression and domination are the common causes of rebellion in Political history of mankind. Tyranny generates rebellion and then armed rebellion or insurrectionary movements. While some factions of Baloch youth have resorted to armed resistance, Mama Qadeer and IVBMP still hoping to vie for their rights under the laws of Republic of Pakistan. Mama Qadeer claims that Baloch persons started missing in late 70s and the process got more headway and pace after 2001 in General Musharaf regime. IVBMP claims the number of missing Baloch person are around 2781 cases  while Commission on enforced disappearances announces to register only 209 cases till the start of 2014. So none of the claims will be settled till impartial investigation and probe. For me the role of Supreme Court is vital but still questionable when it got desired results on choiced cases but on Baloch missing persons, no fruitful yield gained. But still Mama Qadeer is expecting miracles from Supreme Court.

It would be sheer injustice if people of Pakistan don’t stand with IVBMP which is still hoping of justice from The Federation of Pakistan and the Supreme Court of Pakistan. By any statistics, Baloch resistance didn’t proved fatal like AlQaeda and Taliban for the people of Pakistan in large and specifically for federation of Pakistan. Baloch youth is angry and blood thirsty only after killing of NawabAkbar KhanBugti,BalachMarri and many other activists by armedestablishment. Adding oil to the fire, all those who raised their voices in Baluchistan were silently taken from their houses and were never made public. Some angry factions are carrying sabotage activities but still they are far short then off springs of Taliban (Lashkar e Jhangvi- who are carrying Shia/Hazara/minority genocide with much loss. From any special investigation, it didn’t proved that Baloch youth is able to bulldoze the state and society of Pakistan and existence of Baluchistan. Astonishingly, Baloch activists are not demanding to impose their set of laws or constitution but still they are not being heard. While Taliban is demanding every untoward demand.

All the political leadership is agreed about Dialogue or negotiations with Taliban who openly killed over 50 thousand Pakistani citizens belonging to armed and other security forces, police and civil society .The process of dialogue is already in process even after sheer violations by Taliban who during the process have killed more than hundred Pakistanis again by different excuses. So far it seems that peace and writ of Pakistani state is still a farfetched goal but Government and armed establishment is giving more and more chance to them. On the other hand, none of the state official has said a word about Missing persons of Baluchistan or long march demands. This reality makes clear differences and choices on the part of state and armed establishment. The hypocrisy is rampant in Pakistan these days where some would suggest brutal action in Baluchistan upon comprehendible dissention.

The chasm between demands of Balochs and governments action isn’t too deep yet. The rule of army and Frontier Corpse (FC) isn’t at all long term solution.If they want their writ,then they should act honestly against LashkarJhangvi and Taliban which are challenging their power now and again. The federation of Pakistan will have to talk with Angry Balochs. If Government can find five people to talk with Taliban, it can find readily the same number of persons to talk with angry Baloch factions and youth. Government can lessen the tiredness of IVBMP marching people by setting up a comprehensive and responsible committee which would gather facts and assure the old man, weak women and children that their demand isn’t unfair and the toil isn’t unfruitful. The state and society of Pakistan should be thankful to all those who are angry and disagreed but still are non-violent. My heartiest salute and homageto Mama Qadeer and his untiring but non-violent legion….


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