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This is a preamble to an obituary of a nation which once lived in geographical boundaries of a state called Pakistan. Or call it New Pakistan because first obituary of The Pakistan was written on December 16, 1971 when half of its people decided to create Bangladesh where they can live according to golden principle of Islam- according to the founder of the greatest religion of mankind, Islam.


The nation living in New Pakistan was shocked just after 1971 but then they were again absorbed in the propaganda of the new set up where Nuclear power and Invincibility of this citadel of Islam was trumpeted day and night. To give some tranquilizers to masses a new morphine of religion was injected in the veins of the nation through religious seminaries and for perfect merciless classic execution, military might was given the right to govern by the international players. Everything was going well even before that as liquor was banned, and Friday became holiday and Qadianies were regarded as non-Muslims to appease the mullas, the new media mouth pieces of the states.


War, like sorrows, never comes alone. It brings a full package of social, moral, economic and political destruction and it falls on all like a curse. So was Afghan War of 1979. The nation state, Pakistan was very happy that world superpower is backing it to fight against the USSR, (this acronym is even new for many readers of this time). However, it brought wealth and power for the recruiters of NWFP, now KP, who were recruiting and training young men to fight in Afghanistan. They continued this trend in 1980’s and till later in second decade of twenty first century. They were so much thrilled with their success that their pupils were able to hold Kabul in 1996 and knocking at the door of Peshawar in 2010. Highlights of their successes including attacks on GHQ of Pakistan Army, Kamra Airbase, Mehran Naval Base in Karachi. Minor incidents like jail breaks of Bannu and Dera Ismael Khan and attacks on foreigners like Sri Lankan cricket team and Tourists in Diamer were so many that they stopped feeling proud about them.


These early consultants and entrepreneurs of war economy were holding important positions in the parliament of Pakistan in the second decade of this century. Nonetheless, the brains behind them, the uniformed architects of war, deserved the real credit to make more money and their third generation was itching to take oath for the safety and security of this nation about whom we are talking about. But interestingly their contractors were now not ready to receive payments from them because they thought they have become stronger than the masters and every evidence on the ground was supporting their claim. Moreover, the other entrepreneurs of war at international level had invested in both the camps of this war. Stage was set for the final outcome in 2013.


However, the interesting part was the role of most powerful institution of this nation which has itself provided safe heavens to these students cum mercenaries and their master trainers. There use to be one federally administered area called FATA, where they were all based and it was most fascinating place for these highly motivated and skilled mercenaries. State was so concerned about their safety that it protested in United Nations and with other international actors that Drones should not be used because these students of Islam and Gladiators of Asia were feeling uneasy about it.


Many observers and historians are of the view that main reason was very mediocre leadership at the helms of affairs in the most critical times of this nation. The least capable were given the most complicated tasks and they had no qualms to accept it. General public was not coming out of the after affects of the tranquilizers and the people who were half awake decided to be part of the tide rather than to stand in front of it to change the course of events.


And there was no hero to come and change the course of the events anyways. Keep it in mind, it is a preamble to an obituary of a nation not a love story of a sleeping palace where a Prince will come and take the thorns out of the head of the princess and everybody will start reliving. Sorry it’s not a story. It is part of an obituary.


So you may need names now. I am not a regular full time obituary writer so I don’t have an exhaustive list. But I can tell you few people known to me personally. What?  You like one specific sector? Lets do it from civilians- Yes…..civilian. You can fill in the blanks. No it does not mean there were no soldiers. There were great many. From all ranks, endless constables, soldiers and umpteen numbers of commissioned officers. But I don’t have a list of all of them from Army and civilians. Let me tell you few among the Police. By ranks? Ok take it by ranks. IG SafwatGhayyur. DIG Malik Saad. SSP Hilal Khan. SSP IqbalMarwat. SSP Khurshid Khan. SP Ali Javed Malik. DSP JavedIqbal. SHO Khan Razaq. Head Constable Muhamad Yusuf. Wait a minute. Some one is telling me to update the list. DIG FayyazSunmbal- one of the noblest of the people this department produced. There were many more after them. State apparatus collapsed. People stopped obeying the orders of the seniors. Ministers become hostage of their guards and guards sold them to the newly emerging forces.  


Well all this didn’t change anything. People were celebrating their rituals and rulers were busy in the political bargains by putting the worst lot at the best slots. The non-state serious actors started knocking at the doors. Traders who were paying taxes, decided to pay the taxes to new collectors. They had only to change their living styles. Girls were stopped from going to schools. Western educated people left the country and rest were laid to rest forever. The new rulers came with the new emblems but with old slogans that they want to implements the golden rules and doctrine of peace, justice and brotherhood in this part of the land and they people welcomed them coming out of their homes.


Writer is A Governance and Security Consultant based in Islamabad. 

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  • Guest (Zeeshan)

    Very poorly written.

  • Guest (Fawad)

    Irony of the fate is that entrepreneurship of war economy is oligarchic.


    "putting the worst lot at the best slots" nutshell of obituary of a nation. Well done sir....I got same sentiments but helpless.

  • Guest (Agha Inamullah khan)

    every day, Akber nasir khan, every day I need to refresh my love for Pakistan, and find hope within a hope that there must be someone out there someone, a politician or General, or someone at the core of ISI, together who will decide the better pakistan, and no to slavery, and again i get engulfed with the flames of mutiny, revolt against this country, the very dear part of my soul. Will anything change, will it, do you think so. We may have been facing challenges, west may be against us, but look at these Generals and politicians, filled with tons and tons heaps and heaps of dollars, and yet they speak about poor people , selling the very fate of their own people, at the hands of some rotten institute like IMF, bargain their solidarity, for the sake of what. I am tired of loving Pakistan anymore, Im falling out of love for everything about it. However I thoroughly enjoyed your article. keep writing sir, it heals a lot more anxiety.

  • Guest (F Moin)

    A though provoking artical. I wonder if any of our past or present leaders have read it as it will do them loads of good.
    Well done Akbar Saab.

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