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Top ten of Multiple Marriages

When people stand for public office the presumption is that they are 
better than others. But public figures here expect the same immunity as that of a private citizen. Politicians stall basic queries, even about the number of wives and children they may have, in the name of morality. We want to contest them through innuendo, humour and sarcasm—our best weapon in a society that 
suppresses information to the hilt.No hard feelings we hope—Editor


Ghazanfar Abbass

Multiple marriages is quite a common practice among our politicians. No points for guessing the all-time Number One--nobody beats Mustafa Khar. Seven wives are confirmed, the last being with a girl one third his age, but some counts also add one or two more. But the good thing about him is that he does it openly. In fact, he flaunts his manhood. Ironically he shares a wife, Tehmina Durrani, with Shahbaz Sharif, who despite being number two in our count, is very sensitive about his weddings. This is despite being in public life, where it should be a normal issue for people to ask about the number of wives or children he may have. He married his cousin Nusrat, then he got married to Aliya alias Honey who he, according to media reports not denied by him, he divorced after family pressure. He never owned Tehmina publicly until Ms Durrani’s father died and his name was mentioned among the aggrieved family members in newspaper ads. We would not like to speculate about his other affairs not matter how tempting.
Son Hamza seem to be in competition with Shahbaz. As his father, he also gets offended when he is asked about the number of times he has got married. But he has been involved in at least two marital controversies before the media and the courts.
But Azam Hoti recently got into news for his fourth wife. The news came out when the third filed a case against him for not paying Mehr. Come on, Khan sb, why should you not share with her some wealth when you have shared so many things with her in the past—bed being one of them.
The list of threesomes is a long one. But the most notables ones include Hussain Haqqani. He was married to a cousin before he married second time with Nahid Khan’s sister. His third marriage, we all know, is with Farah Naz Isphihani who refuses to take his name. It has nothing to do with her feminist views—she just hates the Haqqani network.
Makhdoom Fahim has done it thrice for sure. He seems fetish about air hostesses as he met two of his wives in the air—if you know what I mean. I would not speculate on his other expeditions at all. Saeen being such a forgetful person that he forgot who deposited four million rupees in his bank account.
Hafeez Pirzada is also among the list of three timers in weddings if not more. He married Sameena twice. First when she was a student at Quaid-i-Azam University. Sameena then married Ayaz Amir before marrying Hafeez again.
Nearly one sixth of the parliament seems among those who married a minimum of two times. But here only the names of
Ch.Nisar Ali Khan,Hamayun Akhtar,Raja Bisharat, Azam Swati, Tehmina Daultana and Ayla Malik should suffice.

Last modified onWednesday, 05 March 2014 17:18

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