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Malik Riaz strikes back--as PML(N) partner ?

Malik Riaz, it seems, is back again—this time as the PML (N) sponsor. Many may have missed the intricacies of Ishaq Dar’s budget announcement about making 1000 housing colonies with 500 houses each. The punch line was: “in the pattern of Punjab Ashiana scheme.”

This begs lots of questions. Does this mean that Malik Riaz is going to, once again, sponsor the new Ashaiana colonies on a much larger scale? Does this make him a partner with Nawaz/Shahbaz Sharif ? What will he get as quid pro quo ? Will he be given the special privileges and protection that he enjoyed under Asif Zardari? Does this make him the go-between between the Zardaris and the Sharifs? 

Whatever the case, if this has an iota of truth in it, this will make Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari partners. The real friendly opposition indeed !

This will also resurrect his crumbling empire as this will be the biggest real estate project in Pakistan. All he needs is government patronage to fleece the public as he has done in most of his other projects.

Now, we all know that Malik Riaz is on record having claimed that he contributed Rs 800 million for Ashiana scheme (by the way he never showed that amount in his tax returns). We also know that this was the scheme that opened doors for him in the Sharif camp. He showed his affection for Shahbaz Sharif’s now active son, Salman in the infamous TV programme that exposed his hold on media. This also caused some rancor in Chaudhary Nisar.

We all hoped that with Chaudhary Nisar’s becoming the Interior Minister, the reign of Malik Riaz will finish. WE were hoping to see the IG Police and Commissioner in Islamabad, not to mention the SHOs and Tehsildars, who could say ‘No’ to Malik Riaz. This does not seem to be happening. Is Nisar also part of the plan. Have they reached a truce?

Sheshnag is carefully watching this development because this is crucial to cartelization of Pakistan. Malik Riaz is the lynchpin among the shady politicians, babus, businessmen and, of course, the khakis.

Venom Inc. This should not be held against me in a court of law as I solemnly declare that these are absolute lies, dirty whispers and wild speculation that I have heard while crawling in the dark power corridors of the creepy Capital. You will believe them at your own risk Shh...If you have venom to spill please don’t hesitate to share with us on our blog at


Last modified onFriday, 14 February 2014 17:06

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