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Aeisha Gulalai:First Female MNA from FATA

Aeisha Gulalai:First Female MNA from FATA

PTI helps break the ice for Tribal females 

By Fauzee Khan Mohmand

GHALANAI, May 28: A young woman belonged to South Waziristan Agency Aeisha Gulalai vice president of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf become youngest Member of National Assembly on special women seat belonged to tribal area.

She told that there was no representation for FATA women in the parliament while tribal areas have talented women.

“After becoming MNA she will struggle to starts dialogue for peace process in the area keeping all the stakeholders in trust” she said.

“PTI chief Imran Khan has proved the slogans of changed and for the first time he selected a tribal women on special seat belonged to South Waziristan agency which is real changed in the history of country” Aeisha said.

She said that she wants to aware tribal women through education and to motivate for resolution basic issues.

Aiesha told that world consider FATA as terrorists and extremists, in fact tribal’s are talented and peace loving peoples and now they goes to the parliament of Pakistan.

She also told that FATA should become a separate province and there will be Local Government system so that powers should be transferred to the grass roots level of the society.

She said that in the parliament she will raise the points on vocational trainings, economic growth, political activities among women, and journalism and sports activities in the area in the limits of tribal and Islamic law.

Aiesha told that we have losses of 80 billion dollars in the war on terror till now, but we want peace through a grand jirga in which all the relevant stakeholders participates and  search out the solution for peace only through dialogue.

Aiesha Gulalai told that she wants to set up Universities, Medical Colleges, vocational centers, Adult Literacy centers in each tribal agency.

She said that students’ national and international scholarships will be increased and she will meet the FATA Parliamentarians soon.

“The government should announce education emergency in militancy hits tribal area, because only through education we can restore peace in the area” said Aiesha Gulalai.


Last modified onWednesday, 05 March 2014 17:28

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  • Guest (hidayat)

    Congrats to this young lady. IMRAN you have proved once again that you are determined leader and deliver whatever you promise, you are changing the face of politics in Pakistan. Where other parties are alloting tickets for women seats to relatives and vested interest; you have created a fresh wave of hope for the ladies of Pakistan.

  • Guest (PTIMardan)

    " She also told that FATA should become a separate province"
    That is a very stupid remark.How is it even possible given the geography of FATA ie it is more or less a strip,most of the regions will fall very far apart from from the provincial HQ.

  • Guest (Jamshid wazir)

    we proud of the talent...we have most talented girls in the schools and colleges,but they need only a brave and talented Allah gave us the leader in the form of Aeisha Gulalai.we lost most of our scholarships and other funds due the absence of an honest leader,we lost most of the talent due to the lack of educational institutes.we have Forbidden to get education(female education) by different terrorist and extremist we can overcome all these problems when we will a leader,so we hope she will perform as we expects of luck Aeisha...

  • Guest (Riaz)

    Guest (Mardan) looked at one lose point (in your opinion)that she mentioned in all her statement....... look at all the great things she mentioned..... sports, education, peace......

  • Guest (Javed Qadri)

    very happy to see our young's in the parliament specially our women, i hope they will not be pressurized by the corrupt Malak's , Sardar's, Chodries Wadera's ETC.

    from Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Guest (ather)

    a great news

  • Guest (ilyas)

    May Allah the Almighty keep this young and energetic lady safe and sound....
    We all know better the future of such girls, especially in FATA..

    May God bless you with every success MS.Gullalai..

    from Cantonment, Peshawar, Pakistan
  • Guest (oasis)

    Horribly composed article! A 4 year old write this? Confusing and at times completely deceiving! Good luck to the young lady however! Writer should go start back at elementary grade.

  • Guest (Aftab Mahsud)

    I am from South Waziristan Agence but Currantly outside pakistan, I did campain and vote for PTI in Karachi NA 253 and PS 118. I was surprised when my Auntie age 65 she was asking her children plz take me to polling so I can vote for Imran khan,
    My Wishes for our sister Ayisha hope she bring the voice of every one in FATA to the ears of Dumb thugs who are kings in pakistan,

  • Great Leader and Wishing best of luck for better future of Tribal Belt.

    from Al Zaab - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
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