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 Fake degree matter of Samina Khawar Hayat decided by the Supreme Court !

Samina failed to pass the litmus teat of HEC regarding her degrees presented to the ECP. Both the degrees were found to be fake . Earlier Supreme Court has reserved its decision in her case but mow  S,C has announced the decision. 

The axe has fallen on her and ECP has been directed to disqualify her from the membership of the Punjab Assembly. What a tracesty of Justice. We must learn a lesson in this kind pf dishnast acts that came to haunt her.  Sheeps have come home after grazing in the greener [asture.
She must be dejected and depressed, bit she has briught this upon her  by her acts of deceit. She has been caught  for her dishonest acts. 
people forget that they can fool the system but that is not true . The criminals get caught some day and some how if we keep vigilant watch over such things. GEC had done good work srutinizing fake degrees. What next for her , a jail time. 
She must accept the facts and ask for people's forgiveness because dhe had  cheaed t them. . Now she can go home and be a good girl and study for exams and fet hold of a real degree by working hard and taking the real road to success in life. May be she has learned a real lesson bfrom this ordeal.Javaid Bashir
 Plausible Solution Of Load Shedding !

Not only people are sick of excessive load shedding. but increase in the cost of electricity now and then is puzzling and perplexing. Our industrial base  the spine of our economy has dwindled and facing problem to keep up the production levels to the bare minimum.

The present government bears the responsibility squarely on its shoulders to solve the energy crisis and minimize the severe and stifling load shedding. People are divided on this issue whether the government can solve this menacing and  acute shortages of electricity in its haphazard ways.
The Energy and power Minister  have declined so far to give any kind of assurances or a dead line.  We wonder whether he has assessed the seriousness of the issue or whether he is prepared to meet the challenge head on. The lights are not on but the darkness has covered the land. people are waiting and waiting patiently.
We need to formulate national energy policy in right earnest. The importance of solving the energy crisis should be grilled in the minds of the authorities.
We must construct the two proposed dams at the earliest possible with out further a do. We can not sit with out building these projects so vital for our economy and public's health and sanity. It is mind boggling how we reached to this stage.
The successive military and civilian governments failed to plan and assess our energy needs. The nation who are alive and want to progress plan their future a head of time and in a befitting manner. Our governments were not alive to peoples' problems and solving them
Except for shifting the blame here and there. Now the present government must take action and try its best efforts to solve the load shedding.
We must start work on the Dossa dam and Bhasha dam on priority basis as r=the feasibility has been prepared and finance arranged. We have assurance for a ten year deferred loan. Which will be paid ten years later. We can later initiate work on the Bhasha dam in about two years time. Meanwhile its feasibility report will be ready and we could plkunge into that project. The BHasha can be used for the storage of water whre as  the other dam could be used to generate the electicity. it has the capacity of producing three thousand kilowatts of quantity. 
These projects will help in reducing the costs drastically. Our future is linked with the small dams net work spread all over the country. We can not ignore to act any more. The delay is causing ripples in the economy and crippling us . So we have a simple but effective solution of load shedding.
Dr. Samadmand has suggested to convert the present power plants on coal. But we will have to import the coal that will increase the costs manifold. And it will take at least three yesrs to commission such plants. We nave out dated plants that probably are not fit for conversion to coal
At present only 2-% energy has been generated from water resources and 70% from thermal respurces . We must create a fine balance between the two sources of electric priduction. The cost of production are minimum in case of hydel power which is just 1 or two Rs per unit. Where as the thermal energy codt us 10 ro 123 Rs per nuit. There id huge difference of cost between the two sources.
It is not good business sense to go themal. We must build dams  small dams to cater to our energy sevtor neegs. We can not ignore this any further. We have the remedy the solution for reducing the load shedding. Let us work on it immediately Javaid Bashir 


 Metaphor of Light and kmowledge !

Who could think of a school girl 's diary will  make this young unknown girl famous all over the world. She has become the light of knowledge.The torch bearer of independence and peace of the world. Her struggle can not be ignored. At a reception arranged in her honor by the permanent envoy of Pakistan,, hundreds of guest were ptesemt to extand their felicitation to Malala. 

Her leadership  role has been accepted bu the UNO. and world leaders.  It is not a hoax but a reality. We all appreciate her for bringing laurels to Pakistan with her superb work.
Some one ashed if she has read the book written by Anne Frank , " A diary of a young girl". Who had fled along with her family  to Holland to escape the torture of Nazis. Germany was rules by Hitler.  His atrocities  against the Jews have been well documented . The holocaust evokes the memories of that era. When the millions or the Jews faced the indignities and callous behavior of Nazis 
Malala answered the question of the guest that she has  read Anne Frank's book.. Anne Frank 's diary is perhaps one of the best seller in the world. It has been translated into most of the languages of the world and can be found in the libraries all over the globe. 
 I found Anne Frank's book along with Nukhtarian Mai's autobiography in  the town library of Milford. She was of Malala's age at that time. There are lot of similarities between the two girls except that one was Jew and the other is Muslim girl.
She and her family lived in a basement of the house in Holland and German Nazis were looking for them like hounds.atthat time she was writing the accounts of travails of Jews in Germany . These people were tortured , killed , starved and inhumanly treated by their captors.
 She was caught along with her family members and spent rest of the time in concentration camp.  She has captured the emotions, ideas and  feelings in the captivity.  Many years later the book was published  Sheikh Ayaz a prominent Poet of Sindh has written Poems eulogizing Anne. There is lot of resemblance between Anne and Malala.  She is of the same age as Anne was at the time. Malala also wrote under the pseudonym of Gul Makai. The valley of Swat and her country were under the siege of Afghan Talibans. Who destroyed the  girls schools.
 Anne was captured by Nazis and sent to Concentration Camps run by them. Both has suffered at the hands of the Fascist terrorists.  Malala was  shot at the point blank range by the Talaban the reincarnation of Nazis.
These fascist are afraid of her and by shooting her they have committed suicide. Malala lives while they have died. Malala shines in the world while they are confined to darkness. 
tearing the darkness of the  land  the  Sun Rises and its rays are dalling on the hill and illuminating it with the glare.  Thi isthe miracle  of tryth.  Like she was  reciting the verses at the reception.
Who could silence me , the   off shoot of darkness. I am worried about the peace of the world  and you  are on  the power trip.
 During her historic speech at the UNO she said , and she was correct in saying that and  I quote, " Talibans are bringing bad name to Islam and Pakhtuns ".Her thinking for the peace of the world is clear. in a country where political leaders use the donor;s funds for their own welfare , She has become the torch bearer of peace and education for the millions of children all over the world. 
 Is it not a miracle that a middle class young girl has taken the battan against terrorists and extremists.  She has shown the soft side of  Pakistan to the world. she has hoisted its flag high in the sky.. Javaid Bashir










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    I write articles for various online journals and newspapers. How to submit articles for your website?

  • Guest (sahibullah)

    Well done Spoksman

  • Guest (Yousuf)

    News headlines move too fast to read. please increase this duration to stay a bit more (few seconds) before showing the next.
    it's too annoying.

  • Guest (Abid Mahmud Ansari,)

    Today,on March,16, I received a complementary copy of The Spokesman.I was curious to have a look at the new addition.Front page had something new, "Sneak Peek" and "News Briefs"is a good idea.Its helpful to decide ones reading priorities. But in the Business section,disappointingly,there was no mention of the latest position of Karachi Stock Exchage-100 index and expert's comments regarding expected trend. Similarly, very little space was allocated to "the Editor's Mail box",accommodation of more letters,gives a sense of participation to a news reader. "International" section is better than other news papers. Anyhow,its a good addition,wish you all the best.

  • Guest (Javaid Bashir)

    The spikesman is a great addition to English newspaers. Itr outlook has been impressive amd the content selection appropriate. i hope the edut orial board will set high standards, and achieve success in its endeavirs in the future. I ave become a regular reader of the Spokesman. I will send my letters to you regukarly.

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    دعا گو
    آپکا اپنا
    خاص لوگ
    انور عباس انور

  • Guest (Javaid Bashir)

    Spokesman is an excellent newspaper and its unique style of reporting gives it a different and prominent position among the other newspapers and print media. We appeciate the contribution of the editorial board enriching our lives. No one can deny the importance of the transmission of information and making the learning experience pleasant and pleasureable. . Spokesman has been a great source of enlightenment and beacon of light in the darkness.

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