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Hike on the Margallas

There are several hiking trails and countless natural pathways in the Margalla hills national park. The atmosphere is truly inspiring for the outdoor lover. The Margallas are excellent for hiking purposes and cater to both the serious hiker and the lesser enthusiast.

Hiking in the Margallas affords the opportunity to walk through the numerous valleys and along the ridges and for taking bath in the cold waters of the natural springs in the rock pools surrounded coolness and a rich variety of flora and fauna.

On Margalla hills, there are many trails of length from 1.5kms to 15kms and ranging from heights of 640-1580m. You can even plan 2-3 day hike if you are a professional hiker.
A network of trails having more than 120 km of total length has been developed for this purpose.

But the most popular and easy hiking track is Trail # 3 and most of people prefer it. So take some time out and enjoy the natural beauty along with keeping yourself healthy.

The trail is well kept, clean and not too "finished". It's basically rough gravel and large stones semi-arranged in steps through a long winding series of switchbacks, giving you a great view from both sides as you climb. You can see the monkeys on the way up, take pictures of the drop-offs and the city behind you, and the greenery around you. Over all a great hike!

Rawal Lake View Park

The Lake View Park offers a variety of sports from go-carting and paintball to rock climbing and water scooters. The Pakistan Navy offers sailing classes at Rawal lake as well. You can take a membership and with the help of their experienced coach you can learn this very unique water sport.

So if you are in Isloo and want to do something different then join the sailing club and enjoy playing with water!



The beautiful Margalla hills make this city ideal for sports and mountain biking. From Margalla road you can always opt for mountain biking whenever you like. Lush green mountains, trees and nice weather would make your ride a real treat.
Otherwise also the city's streets and roads are such that one can easily bike around without hindrance unlike other cities of the country.

Horse riding

Horse riding is getting really popular in Islamabad because of an ideal environment for this sport. Now there are three or four private riding clubs operating within the capital where you may go for riding. Most popular of these is Riding Club operated by Islamabad Club. Few international schools have their own Riding clubs for their students but they also give membership to others who are interested in learning horseback riding and polo.

Riding is an expensive hobby so you must be ready to pay minimum Rs. 2,000 ( $ 35 appox ) as membership fee in any club. But it's surely a treat!

Pakistan Monument

The structure is beautifully crafted and the grounds are very well maintained. At night it is lit up and a lot of fun to walk around and read all the work and significance that went into this tribute to Pakistan's history. It also provides a fantastic view of the capital.

There are also street vendors just outside the gate selling snacks, drinks and little trinkets for the kids. Overall yet another wonderful place to visit in Islamabad, the beautiful.

Saidpur village

A beautifully preserved real village with a touristy entrance and exteriors and facades.
Good for tourists who don't have time to visit a real village, this place paints a fairly good picture. An ancient Hindu temple and an adjoining museum provide an added treat for history lovers.

Also the abundance of restaurants has something for people of every apetite!



Pirsohawa Is basically a number of restaurants way up in the hills nestled at about 16 km from the zoo and an almost 20 minute drive. On your way, enjoy monkeys eating things people often throw at them. But don't go close to them as they do not scared of you and are likely to ruin your trip!

It is a truly wonderful experience to have a glimpse of the entire city from above. If you want to dine at that place, Monal and La Montana restaurants are perfect spots for you. However, I always enjoy going far ahead with my friends most of the time. If you go further ahead, after probably 20 minutes drive from Monal restaurant, a small post of Pakistan Army is situated. It's not visible from the roadside, but a blue color water tank is a symbol of that place. It's another beautiful place hidden under the shadows of palm trees and a nice place to have a BBQ.

 If you want to enjoy even more, you can drive further down to the next spot where a police post is installed. There is also a small mosque, a guest house and a good eating place. From thereon, the spectacular panorama of Islamabad is simply breathtaking. Just inhale the cool breeze, enjoy the calmness you've never had before and finally the beautiful voices of birds chirping around the palm trees. You can actually feel the wind passing by the palm trees and the silence. You can have Pakoras with drinks here. This road goes straight into Khyber Pakhuntwa district into Abbottabad.



There are two ways to reach Daman-e-Koh. One route is from the trekking routes which start at the bottom of the hills which take 45 minutes to an hour. The other way is through a brilliant road to the top of the hills which is very windy and has some seriously inclined curves for which you should make sure that you go in the right car with the right tyres. Both routes are scenic and beautiful. It is strongly recommended that if you are walking up the hill then you should try to get off the hills before sunset as the place might get dangerous. Again this place is a very popular weekend destination and get very crowded so a weekday should be fun and give you time to enjoy yourself or with your family. There are some very good restaurants at the summit. The view of central Islamabad offered from here is priceless!


Lok Virsa Museum

A very appealing and well managed museum with eye-catching attractions that take you back to the past. All the colors of Pakistan are well presented as well as the cultures and marvelous history of the country. Probably the most arty museum in the country!

A visit to the arts and crafts shops adjacent to the museum is a must as well as the many cafe's around it. 

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