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SheeshNag-Secrets of the creepy Capital

SheeshNag-Secrets of the creepy Capital

Tera kya ho ga Malik?

This biggest question doing the rounds in Islamabad: Is this the beginning of the end for Malik Riaz of Bahria Town? This is largely because of the PML (N) government coming to power in Islamabad and Lahore—not to mention the opposition dominated by Imran Khan’s PTI—no friend of Malik Riaz. So far, the Malik mafia continues to survive. Malik’s favourite, Islamabad Police IG Bani Amin continues to survive despite repeated strictures by the Supreme Court. The Caretaker government changed all Police IGs in the provinces but could not implement this decision in Islamabad. Now, the government, when asked by the Islamabad High Court, has cleverly employed a bureaucrat who is known to be his friends to inquire his role in the escape of General Pervaiz Musharraf from the Supreme Court premises. We already know that the responsibility will be pinned on some lowly officials. However, more important question is: how will the new PML (N) government behave viz-a-viz Malik Riaz. Two opposing theories prevail on this issue. According to one theory Malik Riaz is having sleepless nights as he does not have the same leverage in the new government. He could not have his choice of MNAs elected even from Islamabad. He fears that soon the administration is Islamabad will change and with this all the inquiries against him will re-open. He failed to have his nemesis, Chaudhary Nisar, lose from his constituency. It’s a death knell for him if the Supreme Court gives decision against him in one of the many cases against him. There will not be any Bani Amin to risk his life and career for him. So far, he takes in pride in the fact that he has never spent a night in jail despite the cases of murder, extortion, land-grabbing, forgery and fraud. Things might change now. But then, many say, the PML (N) government is as compromised as the last one. Shahbaz Sharif and his son, Salman, are known to have good relations with him. The theory goes that he has spent billions of rupees on getting his friends elected. We don’t know how many of them are on his pay-roll and which one of them will take over the crucial committees that supervise his interests. We have our figures crossed and are watching. Wait for a bomb shell soon…….

V e n o m In c . T h i s s h o u l d n o t b e h e l d against me in a court of law as I solemnly declare that these are absolute lies, dirty whispers and wild speculation that I have heard while crawling in the dark power corridors of the creepy Capital. You will believe them at your own risk Shh...If you have venom to spill please don’t hesitate to share with us on our blog at


Last modified onThursday, 27 February 2014 01:16
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